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How to Make Pizza

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Nachos is one of the world’s most popular dishes. Really such a simple but delicious food.

A lot of people will either buy lasagna in a supermarket and take it home and put it in the oven or just order it in from a nearby takeaway restaurant.

There is another way however , and that is making it yourself. Making your personal pizza can actually be quite simple and may be fun. You can get your children included too and it become a fun action for them.

One of the simplest ways to do it if you don’t have much time is to cheat and purchase the pizza base. By buying the bottom before hand it means you don’t have to do the difficult bit and make the dough. Of course if you like making the dough and want to do it yourself you can always do that.

You can buy predesigned bases in most supermarkets and they are very cheap.

Once you have the base you can cover it with tomato puree or a tomato based sauce. This is the first coating of the pizza and is really simple. Then add some cheese.

You can grate a block of cheese within the pizza or you can just put chunks of cheese on the top evenly disseminate. Either way the cheese will melt in the oven when you cook it so it doesn’t really matter.
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For the more even spread of the mozzarella cheese you might prefer to grate it.

The you can add whatever topping you want. You may like Pepperoni, Chicken, Beef, Chiles, Pineapple and anything else. You can be innovative and come up with your own toppings that you like.

Kids will love this part of the procedure. You will probably find that they will want to stack as much as they can on to the pizza!

So there you have it, making Nachos is simple, quick and easy and can be fun.

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