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Lifetime in Bible Times and Modern day Sierra Leone

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The focus of this reflection paper is to emphasize the features of existence in Bible occasions at variance with lifestyle in existing day Sierra Leone. This is a cure of two distinctive ears in globe record.

Historical past teaches that in the modern past, rebels invaded Sierra Leone because of a absence of fortress. In Bible instances, cities and metropolitan areas were surrounded by partitions which served as a major protection from invaders. This also altered the character of warfare. Jets flew about Sierra Leone all through wars but metropolitan areas have been besieged in Bible times.
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A major natural change is the level of rainfall. The Palestinian location could only boast of about twelve inches of rain. Drinking water is however a major issue since it accounts for some of the new conflicts. Sierra Leone has about 1 hundred and 20 inches of rain. The composition of the land in Sierra Leone does not match that in Bible occasions which could be divided into 5 strips particularly the coastal plain, lower hills, increased hills, valley and trans valley.

In Bible occasions, people ended up originally tent dwellers who later lived in mud properties with flat roof built of grass, grime and clay. There ended up no electric power and glass/steel windows as opposed to their existence in Sierra Leone. Way of living then was rather primitive.

The land in Bible times was a improved archaeological internet site than Sierra Leone. Considering the fact that cities or towns had been razed and rebuilt, the archaeologists experienced impressive levels of civilization from which they dug up artifacts.

The cuneiform producing used in Bible periods is not as advanced as the sort of producing in Sierra Leone. The print and electronic media for choosing, acquiring, processing, storing, retrieving and disseminating information and facts are a lot more state-of-the-art than clay tablets. Though ships were applied in Paul’s day, the modern-day speed boats, ferries and ships utilised in Sierra Leone are more innovative. Hebrew and Greek have been popular Biblical languages as opposed to Krio and English in Sierra Leone.

The spiritual dispensation is also different. The Messianic expectations are the similar. The coming of Christ is nearer the Sierra Leoneans than in Bible periods. Christians no for a longer period worship only in mountains. Temples and synagogues have been utilized in Bible periods but churches are used these days in Sierra Leone. Dressing in Bible situations provided additional covering than in modern Sierra Leone.

Record in Sierra Leone, in summary, is essentially provided a common therapy as opposed to the theological background in Bible occasions in which gatherings ended up mentioned if they appreciably impact the Bible predicament.

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