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Buying the Right Kind of Pet Food

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Low quality commercial pet food may contain fillers, animal by-products, and chemicals that lead to health problems for your cat or dog. Without proper nutrition – including adequate calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals – pets may develop allergies, poor digestive health, joint and skin problems, and more. All natural foods and treats made with whole ingredients will make your pet a healthier, happier companion. Look for products that are:

Corn Free – Many pet foods contain corn and rice as fillers.
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Corn is an inferior protein source that offers little nutrition, may be difficult for pets to digest and can lead to skin problems such as itching, excessive shedding, and allergies.

Wheat Free – Like corn, wheat is often used as an inexpensive filler. Just as many humans are allergic to wheat, pets may have sensitivities that can lead to intestinal problems.

Preservative Free – Synthetic preservatives, like BHT and BHA, are often added to pet foods to extend shelf life. But there is concern that these ingredients (also included in some human foods) can lead to serious health problems. Look for natural preservatives like vitamin C and vitamin E for healthier meals.

By-Product Free – by-products in pet food may include animal parts such as heads, beaks, feet, lungs, kidneys, brains and more, leftover after meat has been stripped from an animal’s bones. By-products might be listed on a label as “meat and bone meal,” “rendered meat,” or specifically, “by products.” Avoid pet food containing these ingredients whenever possible.

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